Friday, December 03, 2004

Don't Vote For Me

I happened upon this today. Not expecting to see my blog on there, I was suprised and dismayed that it actually was. Thanks to the kind sole that actually nominated me for that, but come on, my crappy blog doesn't deserve to be on that. I found the link on Mudville and decided to check it out just to see if there were any mil blogs out there I hadn't seen. There are, and I'm glad I was able to find them. Most of them are really good, something that I wish mine was, but I'm a little short on material until I get in counrty. I wish I would have kept a blog while I was over there the last time. Some of you might have actually been entertained by some of the stuff I experienced over there. There is only so much that happens when you are pretty much just waiting to deploy, as I am now impatiently doing. I'm ready to go and get it the hell over with, hopefully pissing off a few terrorists in the process. Because of this, and my lack of good content(boring), I sincerely urge you not to vote for this blog but for one of the many outstanding blogs that inform us about the crazy culture that is the military. Personally, I voted for My War, simply because I found it to be the best reading. Check them all out and vote for your favorite.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for Castle Argghhh because I'm part of their "Fighting Fusileers For Freedom" blog team for the Spirit of America Blog Challenge. Have you considered joining one of the blog teams? hint-hint..nudge nudge.

I thought your "Journal Entry" post was good. Have you considered putting any more them up here?

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

may God curse G.W.Bush with a horrible diseas.
may God curse all amaricans who are fighting in Irag and who obeys to Bush with a torment of horrible disease whare this world has never experienced.

may god Smash and burn the bloody white house and pentagon with a torment of a shake from your mighty power...or God.

oh God, send send a geat suffering to all amrericans destroying their economy so that the americans will understand how iragees are suffering by deviness of bush.

may god destroy America.

7:11 AM  

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